doug pederson(non-registered)
just beautiful .....nature has you gobble up! have not seen better photos.
I have mine on flickr.
I look forward to seeing more.
Your photos are so crisp and clear and gorgeous! I stumbled across your site via istockphoto. You certainly have a great eye and have traveled many interesting places meeting all kinds of lovely creatures. Glad you are sharing this with us as I rarely travel outside of a ten mile radius. I am currently deciding which photo to hang on my currently bare living-room wall. Keep up the wonderful work.
Cathy B(non-registered)
Your incredible photos continue to amaze me Brian. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with the world.
my daughter just moved to Beaumont and sent me the link to your recent visit. I not only looked at the pictures several times, showed them to my friends in France (where I am currently on vacation) I then went to google to look up some of the birds I was not familiar with. Then I went to your home page and "flipped" through your photos. Truly wonderful. I love all the intimate moments you have captured. Thank you for sharing them.
Stephanie Molina(non-registered)
So nice to meet you in Beaumont, Texas this past week at Cattail Marsh. Thank you so much for sharing your views with my daughters, Gabriella (7) and Myah (11). They haven't stop boasting about their new wildlife knowledge and photography experience. I'll keep a look out for more of your images here on your site. Happy travels!
thanks for the loon pic I saw on the Bird webpage: do you have a pic(non-registered)
that could be labeled to advertise your work but used on my facebook page as cover art? to remind everyone of our Dawn patrol in search of loons…but I never saw them so close or so safe looking.
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