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Baby Wattled Jacana Walking on a Lily Pad - PanamaNorth American BisonLarge Bull Moose Foraging at the Edge of a Lake in AutumnBumblebee on a purple coneflowerTropical Fish and Coral Encrusted Shipwreck - Roatan, HondurasMale Cedar Waxwing offering his mate a mulberry during copulatioChagres River in Panama at DawnJekyll IslandWhite-faced Fly on a Black-eyed SusanPair of American Avocets in a shallow lake - NevadaSnowberry Clearwing moth nectaring on a buttonbush flowerWildflowers blooming next to the Pacific Ocean in Torrey Pines -Fishing Pier at Twilight - St. Petersburg, FloridaGreater Yellowlegs (Tringa melanoleuca)