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Male Red-winged Blackbird displaying its wing epauletsMale Eastern Towhee perched on a rail fenceA floating large-tooth aspen leaf cradles a large water dropletBoat dock under a starry sky as meteor streaks across the MilkyJagged Ambush Bug on a Black-eyed SusanMagenta VioletFemale Boat-tailed Grackle perched on a rock next to the Gulf ofFlorida river on a misty morningBlur of birds rising from a Gulf of Mexico beach at dawnFemale Boat-tailed Grackle perched on a rock - FloridaSandhill Crane and pond at sunset - New MexicoGadwall in winter - New MexicoSandhill Crane approaching for a landing - New MexicoSandhill Crane - New MexicoRing-billed Gull - Grand Bend, ONGlossy Ibis foraging in a shallow pond - FloridaLittle Blue Heron foraging in a pond - FloridaSnowy Egret and reflection - Florida