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Palancar Reef, CozumelHawksbill Turtle and DiverRoatan, HondurasRoatan, HondurasDiver - Palancar Reef, CozumelDiver and Hawksbill Turtle - CozumelDiver and Hawksbill Turtle - CozumelBlack Grouper and Diver - CozumelPalancar Reef - CozumelSchool of Grunts and Diver - CozumelSchoolmaster with Diver in background - CozumelSchool of Grunts and Diver - CozumelJennifer and Blue TangScuba Diver Performing a Giant Stride Entry From a Dock - BonairScuba Diver Examining a Coral Reef - BonaireScuba Diver and Forest of Gorgonians - BonaireScuba Diver Peering out From Opening in Shipwreck - RoatanDiver Descending Toward Shipwreck Scaffolding