Two Thirds Water | California 2017
Night Sky Over Joshua Tree National Park, CaliforniaBrown Pelican in flight - Salton Sea, CaliforniaWildflowers blooming next to the Pacific Ocean in Torrey Pines -California Gull calling from a rock on a beachBeavertail Cactus and other wildflowers blooming in Joshua TreeAbandoned Farm House - Mojave Desert, CaliforniaBurrowing Owl perched on the ground - Salton Sea, CaliforniaBlack Oystercatcher catching a limpet in a California tidal poolSouthern Sea Otter cradling her pup - Monterey Peninsula, CalifoRocky Coastline at Twilight - Monterey Bay, CaliforniaPair of American Avocets in a shallow lake - NevadaHedgehog Cactus flowering in Anza-Borrego State Park, CaliforniaAmerican Wigeon swimming in a lake - San Diego, CaliforniaBlack-necked Stilt foraging in a California pondDouble-crested Cormorant swimming in a California estuaryLong-billed Curlew catching a crab - Monterey Peninsula, CaliforPeregrine Falcon perched in a tree - San DiegoRock Pigeon perched next to the Pacific Ocean - CaliforniaMale Ruddy Duck - Santee Lakes, San Diego, CaliforniaMale Wood Duck - San Diego, California