Two Thirds Water | Best of Florida
Closeup of Great Egret Catching a Fish - FloridaCloseup of Great Egret Catching a Fish - FloridaRoseate Spoonbill in flight - Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, FlFlock of Black Skimmers Taking Flight - FloridaOsprey perched in a pine tree - Melbourne, FloridaFlock of Black Skimmers in Flight - FloridaGreat Blue Heron standing on a beach - FloridaCloseup of an American Oystercatcher - St. Petersburg, FloridaGreat Blue Heron silhouetted at sunrise - St. Petersburg, FloridSnowy Egret hunting for fish from a seawall- FloridaCloseup of a Sandhill Crane - Melbourne, FloridaRing-billed Gull holding a feather in its beak - FloridaFishing Pier at Twilight - St. Petersburg, FloridaFemale American Kestrel perched on a wire - FloridaLimpkin preening its feathers on a palm stump - St. Petersburg,Limpkin calling from a palm stump - FloridaRing-billed Gull bathing in a shalow pond - FloridaLittle Blue Heron stalking its prey in a marsh - FloridaSunset over water - Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, FloridaAmerican Oystercatcher foraging in a shallow lagoon - Florida